Highly recommend Alan's Body Shop! He does great work! Excellent customer service!

S. H.

Good work with accurate estimate...I will definitely not hesitate to utilize their services again

Don B.

Great work! Great people to deal with! Always satisfied!

Warren Ladd

The best body shop I know. Helpful, friendly, and excellent work. The only place that repairs my vehicles.

Tom Stevenson

To start I'm 53 yrs old so I have had plenty of experience wrecking cars. This has been my go to shop for more than 30 yrs. it's the same guys working that have always worked there and they do fantastic work. The owner is easy to work with and takes pride in what he does. You can tell by the results when you get your car back. If you want it right you should try these guys out!

Brad P.

What a great body shop! After my wife had a wreck in the Wal Mart parking lot I ask friends who to take the car to. Alan's got the most votes so that is where we went. The car came back looking like it just stepped off the showroom floor. Thanks again Alan for the great job.

Randy V.

The place to go for accident repair.

Dennis D.


Brandon B.


Mack T.

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